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Manga Description

Whispered Words is the story of two high school girls, Sumika and Ushio. One is in love with the other, but unable to confess. Both of them prefer girls, but Ushio likes cute and petite types while Sumika prefers the athletic outgoing girls. To complicate things, a cross dressing boy, Masaki, is in love with Sumika. What ever will happen to this mixed-up bizarre love triangle mess?

Whispered Words – English Manga Covers:

Whispered Words – Japanese Manga Covers:

Manga Specifications

  • Author: Takashi Ikeda
  • Official Link: English Manga
  • ISBN-13: 9781935548454
  • Series: Whispered Words
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publishers: Social Club Books, One Peace Books Incorporated
  • Publication date: 13 May 2014
  • Product dimensions: 127 x 180 x 39mm
  • Weight: 408g

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