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Manga Description

In the aftermath of a strange earthquake, out of nowhere, a Japanese elementary school is transported out of the world they know, and into a nightmarish wasteland. Have they gone to another planet, or is this toxic world actually a vision of Earth’s future? Soon, the students and teachers must struggle to survive in impossible conditions, besieged by terrifying creatures and beset by madness. Part Lord of the Flies, part post-apocalyptic science fiction, The Drifting Classroom (1972-1974) is a classic can’t-put-down manga series. It was adapted into a Japanese live-action movie (1987)

The Drifting Classroom – Manga Covers:

Manga Specifications

  • Official Link: English Manga
  • Author: Kazuo Umezu
  • Illustrated by: Kazuo Umezu
  • ISBN-13: 9781421507224
  • Series: Drifting Classroom
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publisher: Viz Media
  • Publication date: 8 Aug 2006
  • Product dimensions: 127 x 219 x 24mm
  • Weight: 81g
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