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Manga Description

The story focuses on 22-year-old ex-bōsōzoku member Eikichi Onizuka, who becomes a teacher at a private middle school, Holy Forest Academy, in Tokyo, Japan. It is a continuation of Tooru Fujisawa’s earlier manga series Shonan Junai Gumi (lit. “Shōnan True Love Group”) and Bad Company, both of which focus on the life of Onizuka before becoming a teacher.

Due to the popularity of the manga, several adaptations of GTO were created.

GTO – Manga Covers:

Manga Specifications

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  • Author: Tohru Fujisawa
  • ISBN-13: 9781932234930
  • Series: GTO: 14 Days in Shonen, Gto: 14 Days in Shonan
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publisher: Vertical Inc.
  • Publication date: 9 Aug 2012
  • Product dimensions: 129 x 177 x 19mm
  • Weight: 151g



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