Anime Subscription Boxes

We’ve put together a list of the best anime subscription boxes for you to try. Each month, look forward to a curated collection of items such as figures, manga, collectibles, and snacks from an array of different anime universes.

Below you will find a rundown of the best anime monthly subscription boxes, and what to expect from each one! We’ve sorted our list into 3 categories “Best Manga Box“, “Best Anime DVD box” and “Best Anime Subscription Boxes“.

As a website focusing on Manga we thought it only right to start our list with what we deem to be the best subscription box for manga! So without further adieu let’s get started.

Best Manga Box: Manga Spice Cafe

While other anime subscription boxes do include manga, manga spice cafe focuses only on manga, and in our opinion doing so makes this box is the best subscription box for those who are interested solely in Manga.

Price: $36 per month
What you get: 3 Manga books and 3-5 snacks from Asia.

Manga Spice Cafe is a hugely popular subscription box for manga fans Each box includes 3 manga books, all of which are first issues along with a selection of savory and sweet snacks, priced at only $36 per month makes this box a must-have for any manga readers!    

Best Anime DVD Box: Boxuchan

There is a number of websites that offer anime monthly subscription boxes focused around DVDs, but only ONE that offers you a box based on your preferences, and for that reason, Boxucan is our top pick for the Best Anime DVD Box.

Price: $34.99 per month
What you get: A Personalized box filled with Anime DVD’s and extra surprises.

Boxuchan is the only place to get a personalized box filled with Anime DVD’s! All you do is sign up and fill out a survey that accurately expresses your preferences. Boxuchan will then make up a box for you filled with handpicked anime DVD’s and other anime related surprises! Additionally, they send you explanations written out detailing what you get and why that choice was made!.

Best Anime Anime Subscription Box: Boxuchan

If your looking for a traditional monthly box, by that we mean something that’s full of surprises and follows a set theme you are truly spoiled for choice, our top picks are as follows:

My Japan Box

Price: Box costs $59 per month
What you get: At least One Anime figure based on the franchise of your box type, collectibles, and edibles.

My Japan Box started as a subscription box curated by people living in japan, and focused mainly on snacks and giftware, as the company expanded so did the product range. In 2019 My Japan Box started offering niche-based anime subscriptions boxes.

While other boxes offer themed boxes My Japan Box lets you pick the theme, most boxes come with one figure and an assortment of other goods. Currently you can pick crate themes from the following franchises:      

  • Kamen Rider Box
  • Detective Conan Box
  • Super Sentai Box
  • Shield Hero Box
  • Overlord Box
  • Final Fantasy Box
  • Evangelion Box
  • Fate Grand Order Box
  • One Punch Man Box
  • My Hero Academia Box
  • Gundam Box
  • Sword Art Online Box
  • Bleach Box
  • Sailor Moon Box
  • Attack on Titan
  • Rilakkuma Box
  • Pokemon Card Box
  • Studio Ghibli BoxGhibli Box        
  • Naruto Box
  • Pokemon Box
  • One Piece Box  
  • Dragon Ball Box

You can also, of course, pick a random assortment by choosing the standard anime subscription box. The prices for Japan Box start at $59.00 per month, which places it at one of the more expensive boxes on offer, however being niche based means you are likley to love every item found in the box.


Price: Box costs $44.95 per month
What you get: 4-6 high-quality anime items (includes t-shirts, figures, and other anime memorabilia.

Lootaku, in our eyes, is the best box for figures, every box has 4-6 high-quality items with zero filler or promotional items they include full figure statues and not just small vinyl figures, normally these figures are Banpresto figures and are truly stunning! If you are looking for a box for figures than this is the box for you.


Akibento is best suited for those who are looking for T-shirts and a few extra surprises, in terms of what to expect from the box, you normally get around 6-8 licensed anime products with one of the items being a T-shirt, priced at only $29.95 this makes it one of the cheaper anime subscription boxes on our list.

Price: Box costs $29.95 per month
What you get: 6-8 anime items with a value of $60.00 (includes t-shirts, figures, and other anime memorabilia.

The Otaku Box

The Otaku Box starts at $24.95 month a 16×24” scroll, a mini-figure or plushie, and a button along with 3-4 other items! However, you can upgrade this box for a larger figure for $14.99 and add a t-shirt for an extra $9.99 bringing the box total to $49.99

Price: Box costs $24.95 per month + Addons
What you get: Otaku Box always includes a 16×24” cloth wall art, a mini-figure or plushie, and a button along with 3-4 other items!

Animie Bento

Price: Box costs $35 per month
What you get: Toys, collectibles, T-Shirts, and other cool anime items

Anime Bento focuses on Limited edition badges and items from your favorite anime franchises, most of the items found in this box are made by Anime Bento so you are guaranteed to get exclusive products, how the quality of this box is somewhat lacking in terms of value.